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The following is the very first edition of a new segment entitled: WTF?      


I saw a patient today who had chest hair. Like. Hamburger meat. Like long luxurious chest hair you could run your hands through. And I sat there and stared at this in horror as she is rambling on about something stupid like her appointment time or how many teeth will be yanked from her head or something, when I had a sudden light bulb and thought to myself “OH! She must be a male to female transition-er, that makes sense.” And then I bid her a due and yet this thought would not leave my mind so I decided to check her health history to see if there was any bit of information that could calm my quivering mind that this reasoning of transgenderism was correct. And as I opened that chart do you know what I saw? Under “Major Surgeries” she had quickly and without thought scribbled: C SECTION 1984. The bitch was a bitch and not a man bitch. And until the day I die, I will never, ever be the same after that experience. So KUDOS anyone out there that still possesses a little thing called hope. You have that hope and you hold it as close to your heart as you possibly can for as long as you can because one day, you know what? You might see a legitimate woman with chest hair, and then? All hope that you have left for humanity will evaporate and you will turn into me.


Cause the seasons change was a conduit


Summer has officially come to an end for Seattle. Which means:

>10 consecutive months of winter. Of grayness and rain and seasonal depression for an entire state!

>Fall wardrobe gets to come out to play! Dressing for fall is my favorite. Boots and scarves and peacoats and gloves! Love it!

As much as I hate the ensuing 10 months I have to say, this summer has been amazing! I have had the time of my life with the best people I know. Ive tried new things, Gotten closer to friends I was already close with, stayed up all night, slept all day, started a new job, laughed my ass off and much much more. I feel good things coming to me this fall, and I am consciously trying to stay positive. I think the theme for the rest of this year should be ‘finding light in the darkness’, which for seattlites has a duel meaning.