Opinions are like…


“Joe Walsh: Birth control debate ‘Not about woman'”


Hey Joe Walsh thank you for clearing up that little issue about the all male contreception panel.  Your absolutely right! How silly of us to think that the contraception controversy is about woman!! I mean why would it be? Woman are the only the ONLY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET that take oral contraception but you sir, you sir are correct! How silly of me to think that my uterus is my business? My uterus is definitely just a pawn for your gray haired white man asses religious freedom! My uterus just needs to stay quiet down there in my lower abdominal cavity and let people like you, Mr. Walsh talk for it. Because clearly, you know whats best here. God bless Amurrica!



About Twenty Something FAILs

Im a woman in my early twenties living in the Seattle area. Im an aspiring writer/photographer/blogger and so naturally, that is why im here. Like many my age, I bring along no kids, no boyfriend/husband, no father and a small group of amazing friends who I call my family. This is me just trying not to FAIL miserably at life i general.

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