Unexpected nostalgia


This picture was taken almost 2 years ago and without even having to close my eyes I can feel with such intensity what it was like, how I felt, what the sun felt like shining on me through the window. How sticky and hot it was that day, what I was looking at on the computer [Craigslist], everything…

Browsing through my picture files I scroll over this picture and stop dead in my tracks. The vivid memories this summoned up so quickly it knocked me off my tracks. Pictures can convey many feelings for me but this one, this one is different. I look at this picture and the smell of that room washes over me, not bad just… foreign. This was on the bed in the room of my friends parents house. The room that I stayed in for 2 months after I broke up with my ex, the room where I have never felt so lost. Emotionally, mentally, physically every which way I was beaten and tired. Looking at this picture gave me memories to realize just how different my life is now compared to then. Two years to change and grow. Two years to live and find love. Two years to change your outlook, your views, your opinions, your very being.

Leaves me speechless.


About Twenty Something FAILs

Im a woman in my early twenties living in the Seattle area. Im an aspiring writer/photographer/blogger and so naturally, that is why im here. Like many my age, I bring along no kids, no boyfriend/husband, no father and a small group of amazing friends who I call my family. This is me just trying not to FAIL miserably at life i general.

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