I’m Bonnie. Im 23 and  live in the great pacific northwest which is a big change from the sun soaked deserts of southern California where I was born. I’d like to write a lengthy post on who I am, what makes me that way and why I do what I do but it’s hard to do that when you don’t know much yourself. I’m living and learning every day of my life sometimes winning and often failing. I’d say on the outside I’m pretty average but on the inside I have the heart and brain of a dreamer.

I have a very small family that is sometimes bigger then other times.  I’ve loved and lost and then loved again. I’ve had my fair share of heartache throughout my life but I am a fighter. A striver. Always wanting better then the year before. I write for myself and only myself. My writing is something that I have never changed for anyone. I am the one that writes, edits and produces my life and I won’t ever stop. Other then that I love to cook, take pictures, and spend a good portion of my life wasted on stumbleupon. I am a lover that sometimes hardens her heart to put on a fighters show. I’m cautious and care more then is often healthy. I try to be optimistic but more times then not my glass is half empty. I have made plenty of mistakes but am constantly in pursuit of betterness. I want to be something great in life and whether that be a famous writer or a dedicated mother I see no difference. When I don’t have something creative going on in my life nothing feels right. Like there is an anxious puppy kenneled in my brain that I’ve forgotten to let out. This blog is an attempt at letting that puppy out a little more often. But lets face it, in the course of my writing this I have created 2 non existent words and some pretty bad analogies so you can take it with a grain of salt!

Oh, and I can be reached at bonnierh1@gmail.com


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