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Heres to the sun.



I took this picture 3 years ago I believe. As the sun was setting below the horizon of the small town I lived in. I had just gotten my camera and was so excited to start using it. It was summer time and I was walking down the broken cement streets near where I lived, just enjoying the moment. The sun, the warmth on my skin. That is where I want to be right now. Somewhere where the sun softly pierces your soul and warms you from the tips of your ears to the inside of your belly. Washington just experienced a terrible snow storm that turned into a fury of ice and I have been trapped in my house for 4 days. I am going stir crazy, and wrote a beautiful post just perfectly completed that was going to be my next entry until I pressed the publish button and just like that it was gone. I’m not going to dwell on it. That post exactly I cant get back but I can sit down again and retell the tale that I shared with the intention of continuing my Milestones Marked in Time story. Which I will do soon, but right now I sort of just want to through my computer at a wall and scream my head off until someone sends me to an island of warm white sand and sounds of soft lapping waves.


Cause the seasons change was a conduit


Summer has officially come to an end for Seattle. Which means:

>10 consecutive months of winter. Of grayness and rain and seasonal depression for an entire state!

>Fall wardrobe gets to come out to play! Dressing for fall is my favorite. Boots and scarves and peacoats and gloves! Love it!

As much as I hate the ensuing 10 months I have to say, this summer has been amazing! I have had the time of my life with the best people I know. Ive tried new things, Gotten closer to friends I was already close with, stayed up all night, slept all day, started a new job, laughed my ass off and much much more. I feel good things coming to me this fall, and I am consciously trying to stay positive. I think the theme for the rest of this year should be ‘finding light in the darkness’, which for seattlites has a duel meaning.